Vehicle servicing and
repairs in Mydroilyn

BMW Certified

Whether it's boring and mundane, or completely insane - see Adam

Adam Allen of WSA Motors, your friendly local mechanic, based in Mydroilyn, Ceredigion. He'll service your fiesta, MOT your transit, repair the accident damage on your Laguna and then he'll build a supercharged e36 that runs on ethanol just for fun.

Call Adam on 07966 594708

Servicing, Repairs
& Silly Modifications

Routine Servicing

Come for a minor service, your winter service, or your full service.

Yearly MOT Test

We can do your yearly MOT test and any repairs that might be needed to get a pass.

Accident Damage Repair

Some asshole smashed your car? I'll look after your car while you look after him.

General Repairs

Car not starting, running rough or other miscallaneous issues.

Remapping for MPG

Remap your vehicles ECU to a tried and tested map that will get you extra MPG.

Engine Rebuilding

We can rebuild him,
we have the technology.

Body Modification

Modification to facilitate wide wheels, silly suspension set ups or just to look good.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Sort out your old wheels. Painting, powdercoating and polishing.

Racecar Prep

Roll cages, bucket seats, harnesses, fire extinguishers and emergency spare talent.

Remapping for MPH

Tried and tested maps for more power, more torque, more response, more speed.

Call Adam on 07966 594708

Driving fast
and/or stupidly


Adam Allen is currently competing in the Driftcup in his supercharged e46. He has previously competed in the Open Drift Championship in his 'Drift Police' e36. He is currently sponsored by:

WSA Motors Competing in Drifting

Being on fire

Adam is most probably currently on fire.
For fun.

Adam Allen is on fire!


Adam built a fine example of a Mk2 Golf. It had a roll cage, twin Webber carbs and Pirelli p-slot wheels.

But for some reason the car always ended up in a hedge, upside down, on fire or all of the above.

Adam Allen crashes a lot!

KA Hopping

Adam was famously commended on his ability to hop a KA higher than other competitors were able to in their own vehicles.

It was recommended Adam see a doctor about the concussion and broken arm, but he saw to those issues with his own tools in his own garage.

Adam Allen can fly!

Plant hire
for some reason

Adam has diggers and stuff, but they're quite slow compared to cars. So he's sharing them with his friends, and maybe with you too, if you've got some money?

Call Adam on 07966 594708

Contact WSA Motors


You can call Adam on 07966 594708 and speak to him right away.


You can visit him or send him post at:

Pen y Bont
SA48 7RW


You don't want to speak to him right now?

He'll respond to you some time later if you email him at


You don't want to talk to him (don't blame you), but you do want to see what he's up to...? follow WSA Motors on Facebook.